Jeevottam Jeevan Sathi





To help our GSB Community members to save their precious time and valuable money  in finding a suitable match for their children, this program is launched under the strict guidance of HH Shrimad Vidyadhiraj Teertha Shripad Vader Swameeji of Shree Samsthaan Gokarn Parthagali Jeevottam Math. This Program is developed and regularly maintained by GSB Samaaj, Yellapur.


1.     Present scenario & need for this program::

Strict observation of Family Planning & higher importance to male child, the strength of our female GSB population is coming down, day by day. Furthermore finding a suitable match according to Jaataka has become a tougher job. Our community is spending valuable time and money of its members on this account. Slowly our younger generation has started moving towards inter caste marriages. Through this software we are trying to solve this issue.


2.     Advantages of this Software

2.1        All information under one roof

2.2        Reliable data source.

2.3        Easy to reach every one.

2.4        Purely service oriented project.  From 01.01.2012 it has been decided to collect a minimum token donation of Rs. 200/- from each members registering either at any of our centres or through Electronic Media to meet the cost of operation. Matching details will be sent by e.mail. In case if printouts are needed members have to pay the cost of the same to the respective centres apart from the token donation.

2.5        Reference of prominent persons for further enquiry.

2.6        Will search only matched Jaatakas depending upon the various otheer queries opted by the members.

2.7        Primary Matching of Horoscope.

2.8        Option for matching without horoscope

2.9        Help to widows and divorcees.

2.10    Useful tables for ready reference.

2.11    Blood group data for medical emergency.

2.12    Option to find match, basing upon different queries like education, height, occupation, age difference, place, food habits, gothra, Kuladev etc.

2.13    Option to see the photographs of vadhu-varaas if provided at the centre. Here we have taken the precaution to see that no photos are printed

and handed over to anybody. Photos are just for viewing on the Monitors.This service is dependent on Internet and will be availaible depending upon the Internet

speed at our Centres.

2.1        Latest data about the present status of marriageable vadhu-varaas of a particular centre at finger tips.

            2.15  This program is password protected and limited to our Centres. Third persons other than the authorized ones cannot operate this project.

2.16  Data provided in this project is much reliable as the same is being authenticated by the Local GSB Committee before entering in the computer.

2.17    Information is provided to registered members only. There is no provision to provide this without registration.



Wherever necessary,  we have referred most accurate, fully detailed and widely accepted famous “SHOLAPUR DAATE PANCHAANG” throughout this software. Vital information relating to  Ashtakoota, Mratyu shadashtak etc. are referred from this panchaang.